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how to get rid of stretch marks ?

How do I get rid of stretch marks?

5070 day(s) ago

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If you want to remove them, start early. If the marks are still red or purple, they will be much easier to remove. If they've faded, they will be easier to hide.

Hiding stretch marks

Stretch marks will naturally fade with time, making them less visible.

Tanning also works, but also damages your skin. Instead, use a sunless tanning cream. Older stretch marks will absorb more of the cream, giving them a more even look that blends them into the rest of your skin.

A diet high in vitamins A and C, as well as zinc and protein will improve skin elasticity.

Reducing and removing with over-the-counter products

Alpha Hydroxy Acid: This acid breaks the bonds between dead skin cells, forcing new skin cells to come to the surface. There is a wide range of skin creams on the market that contain this acid.

Salicylic acid: Another exfoliating agent, this is the active ingredient in most acne creams.

Retinoids: This chemical increases skin cell growth. Like alpha hydroxy acid, it is a common ingredient in skin creams.

Glycolic acid: This chemical increases collagen production, but is more expensive than the other options. Comes as a topical cream, or can be administered in high doses by a dermatologist.

Cosmetic surgery procedures

Mircodermabrasion: Many spas offer this treatment.

Laser scar removal: A stretch mark is a type of scar.

Skin removal: If it looks bad, remove it. New skin growth will be stretch mark free. Skin is often cut for cosmetic procedures like tummy tucks.

Posted 5070 day ago

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