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how to grow taller ?

What can I do to grow as tall as possible?

5263 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

If you want to increase your height for that you have to exercise on a regular basis, stretching your legs, hanging and take daily vitamin.

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Posted 3816 day ago

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Height is added to the body by the epiphyseal plates in young bones. These cartilage-like tissues produce new bone material until a set age, generally in the late teens for females and early twenties for males. Once growth has stopped, these plates become lines of hard bone, and nothing can be done to increase height outside of surgery.


The only drug proven to increase height is Human growth hormone (HGH), which is naturally created by the pituitary gland. Currently, it is only approved for use in people with growth disorders, as it comes with a long list of side effects, including organ damage and cancer. Gigantism is caused by a malfunctioning pituitary gland that continuously produces HGH, often due to a tumor growth on the gland.

Ritalin, a drug commonly used for treating ADD and ADHD, has been shown on average to reduce total height by an inch. Some steroids have also been traced to decreased height, but this does not include any currently used for treating asthma.

Currently, there is no concrete evidence if smoking permanently reduces height, although smoking during pregnancy can result in a low birth weight.


Lifting heavy weights or lifting weights improperly can damage the epiphyseal plates, stopping growth. This does not mean you can't lift weights: just make sure to get training from a professional. It's also a good idea to avoid maximum and competitive lifts.

Eat well

Eating a well-balanced diet will increase growth, as almost every nutrient and vitamin plays a role in growth. People suffering from eating disorders or with limited diets due to economic conditions do tend to be shorter than those with a proper diet.


Most human growth hormone is released during sleep. Getting a good night's rest will promote bone growth.


There are some exercises that you can do with will help improve your posture, making you appear taller:

Posted 5263 day ago

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