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how to make a video game ?

How are video games made?

5209 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

friv games
Angry Birds Free
Y8 games
Friv Games
Friv Games

Posted 4403 day ago

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There are many different ways of making a video game. While commercially viable games are produced using large teams and often budgets of several million dollars there is a thriving "underground" or "indie" scene that generally markets smaller, with a lower budget that is often self funded and generally sold through digital distribution.
Indie games such as Flower on the PS3 or N+ on the Xbox 360 (formely simply "N" when it was just a flash game) were developed by small teams, sometimes only comprising of a couple of people.
N was developed by Metanet Software ( [link url=]Metanet Software "About" page[/link] ) who worked on N which later became a huge hit.
Flower was developed by thatgamecompany who produced a Flash game called "Flow" which was then picked up by Sony Computer Entertainment. They are now a second party developer. A second party developer is a studio contracted outside of a publisher to produce games solely for a specific platform.
Many of these indie studios have to relay on inexpensive ways of producing their games. Most use the Adobe Flash animation suite which contains a powerful scripting language called Action Script that is more than adequate enough to produce sophisticated 2D games. It is a fairly simple platform to learn and develop for and due to this it allows small teams to quickly produce games and upload them to the internet while spending little money.
Other developers use applications such as Lars Overmars Game Maker which features both a drag and drop interface for beginners and a more sophisticated programming language called GML which is so powerful it can render detailed 3D worlds. The casual game creation tool "FPS Creator" was originally developed using an implementation of Game Maker.

These many tools are used by amateur developers and indie studios in order to make something unique, imaginative and genuinely entertaining without the constraints of investors or a publisher. Using digital distribution platforms developers have to pay little in order for their games to reach a large audience. A digital distribution platform is something like Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace or the Playstation Network.

I hope now you also have an understanding of how games are developed OUTSIDE of a corporate environment as often this is where budding developers of the future are fostered and nurtured before finding jobs in bigger development studios.

Posted 5162 day ago

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Mr. Boxy
A game beings with meetings of a core team who decide what kind of game they want to make, what they want the player to experience, and how they want it to look. Once a framework is set up, each part of the game is split up into categories, with team members and schedules assigned to them.


The art begins with concept art sketches, and then moves on to 3d modelers, texture artists, and motion capture specialists. The tools are similar to those used in CGI animation for movies, although hardware limitations and interactivity limit the animation quality compared to their movie and TV counterparts.

Game design

These are the people who build the levels and AI for the game. This used to be mostly guesswork, but university programs have sprung up dealing specifically with game theory. Game design includes a wide range of tasks from tuning the feel of the controls to deciding how far save points should be to make the game challenging but not frustrating.


Computer games are programmed using regular computers, while console game programming is done on development systems. These are special computers built around console hardware, letting programmers work directly with the hardware the player will be using.

First person shooters are often based on game engines. This is is a programming backbone that comes with a physics engine, a 3d rendering engine, and a level creation toolset . Programmers can then modify it to suit the needs of the project, letting the other team members insert their parts of the game.


Testers play the game to find errors in programming. An "alpha build" is a complete but untested game. A beta is a functioning game that still needs some bugs removed. Some companies use "open" betas to test their product, particularly if it's a multiplayer game: regular people are allowed to play this early form of the game, giving it the same unpredictability of the released copy. This helps designers find and eliminate exploits before the game is released.


Like other products, packaging and advertising need to be carefully managed so players know about the game.

This is a very good video explaining the process of the making of Halo 3:

Posted 5209 day ago

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