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how to talk to girls ?

There's a girl I like at school but I don't know how to talk to her.

5275 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

For some guys, talking to girls is the hardest thing in the world. This is especially true if itís a girl you really like and itís the first time talking to her. The opening line can be so nerve-wracking it never comes out. Silence will never work though. No one gets the girl that way.

Before speaking, you have to be confident in yourself. To build your self-confidence, be sure you are looking your best. When you expect to be seeing her next, take a shower that morning. Comb your hair. Brush your teeth. At the same time, try to remain casual. You donít have to look like you are going to church.

Think about what you want to say. If she barely knows you exist, a good place to start is a straightforward introduction like, ďHi, Iíve seen you around here and you like a really cool girl. My name is ___.Ē A great conversation may develop with a straightforward opening line. A complement helps also. Find something you genuinely like about this girl but keep it kind of superficial. You want to be genuine because it comes through if you are not. Donít complement her on her hair if you donít really like it. Be a little bit superficial because you donít want to come off too strong. A piece of clothing or eyes work well. ďI like your sweater. It really matches your eyes.Ē

Once you are comfortable and in a conversation. Ask her out casually. Ask her to an inexpensive restaurant or diner just to grab some lunch and talk. Once you are on a date, you will want to ask her questions. Girls love when you show interest in them. Try not to talk only about yourself. Ask her about music. Ask her about friends. Ask her about family, sports, activities, or anything else the conversation may lead to. Girls also like to laugh. Learn some good jokes or funny stories for when you see her.

Posted 5275 day ago

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