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how to use a condom ?

How are condoms used?

5274 day(s) ago

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Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy are serious issues of concern all over the world. Abstinence from all sexual activity was once the only method taught for combating these problems but this solution has shown to have failed miserably. Condom use is now the number one tool in helping teenagers from ruining their lives. This is more important today, than ever. A study done in 2008 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that a full 1 in every 4 teenage girls in the U.S. has a sexually transmitted disease. Thatís over 3 million in total.

Using a condom is a simple matter. Using a condom correctly requires you to follow a few important rules. First, check the expiration date on the condom. Latex, the rubbery material from which condoms are made, degrades over time. An old condom runs the risk of breakage during intercourse. If the date is ok, then open the package by tearing it at the notch. Be careful you donít tear the condom as you are opening the package.

The condom is rolled up into a ring with a closed reservoir on the end. Pinch the reservoir between your thumb and first finger on one hand about a half-inch down and hold the rolled condom against the head of the erect penis. Make sure no air gets into the reservoir and, with your other hand, roll the condom down until it reaches the base of the penis.

After ejaculation, it is important to pull out the penis while it is still erect. Hold the condom at the base of the penis while doing so to prevent any accidental leakage of semen. As the penis softens, the condom will slide off easily. It can be rolled off if necessary. Clean any semen from the penis after removing and disposing of the condom. These steps will ensure the highest results of disease and pregnancy prevention during intercourse.

Posted 5274 day ago

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Question Title how to use a condom ?
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