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what is google ?

What is Google?

4886 day(s) ago

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Google, inc. is a company based Mountain View, California. They make a wide variety of on-line software tools as well as the Android operating system, which is currently the darling of the cell phone world. However, they're most famous for their Internet search engine, Google search, which is by far the leader in search engines around the world.

What makes Google search so popular is how it produces search results.

Google uses a "web crawler" to find web pages on the Internet. This program automatically takes the URL and page information and stores it in a database. This is no different from previous web searches. It's how this information is managed that gave Google the lead in the search engine market. Previous search engines based results on the number of links or number of similar words a site had. This could easily be manipulated by webmasters, creating unreadable but easy-to-find pages.

On Google, these pages are then ranked using PageRank. It's named after Larry Page, a researcher at Stanford University who came up with the concept and went on to co-found Google. This is an automated system finds terms inside a document and ties them to how many related pages link to that page in a way that simulates a person digging through links while using the web, limiting distant and clustered links. In other words, if you would probably find the page yourself browsing websites, PageRank will rank it higher than one that is more obscure. This is connected with several other factors that are kept secret by Google to prevent webmasters from fixing the results.

This basic technology has served as the base for Google's other services, including image searches, maps, local directories, on-line document creation, advertising, and email. These are part of what is referred to as "cloud computing." This is web-based software that is accessible from a variety of devices, including computers and cell phones, letting users access their data from anywhere.

Posted 4886 day ago

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