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where to sell gold ?

What's the best place to sell gold?

5066 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)


[link url=]Cats4Gold[/link]

Posted 4594 day ago

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I think we all need to be cautious nowadays if we're going to choose to sell our gold or silver. There's way to many places doing it now and from what you read - they're mostly ripoffs!
So - if you're going to sell your gold or silver, just do your homework and find a company that is reputable, honest, and will pay you fairly. If thru an online company - be sure they have their prices posted, pay for shipping, and that you can get your stuff back (not receive some check that's too late to reject the offer.)
I recommend the Silver And Gold Exchange.

Posted 5050 day ago

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Mail services

Good Morning America tested some of these services:

During this time Cash4Gold had filed a lawsuit against Consumerist for exposing their business practices, in particular delaying checks so they could legally melt the gold before customers had a chance to negotiate their payment. Currently Congressman Anthony Weiner is pushing to have the company investigated by the FTC.

The CEO of Cash4Gold is right: if you want to sell your gold directly, you'll need to go to the seedy part of town. Y'know, the part of town that has all the jewelery stores. :)

Selling gold locally

Unless you are selling gold bars, the items you are selling have two values: value as-is, and melt value. Melt value is the value of the metals inside the item. This may be less than the value of the item in its current state, particularly for antique jewelry and coins. For the best price, go to a place that specializes in what you are trying to sell: talk to a gemologist about jewelery, and a currency expert about coins.

For jewelry, the price you are quoted will be a little different between dealers depending on the age of the gold price quote they are using and processing fees. If you're selling coins, price around. Unlike jewelery, coins are not tightly regulated and estimates can vary widely. Most collector coins that are not legal tender will only be worth their melt value.

To determine the value of the gold, it will need to be tested. This can be done with either an acid test, or with an electronic meter. Metal purity is measured in karats. Each karat is 1/24th of the total mass, so pure gold is 24 karat. This is what the current gold price is set at. Since gold is soft, jewelery makers add other metals to it so it can stand up to daily wear and tear. An 18 karat is 3/4 metal, so it should be worth about 3/4 the current gold price. Gold prices are set by the New York Stock Exchange.

Posted 5066 day ago

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