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What is Planet X?

I heard that some unknown planet called Planet X is going to be responsible for disasters or the end of the world in 2012.

4658 day(s) ago

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Rumors about the mysterious and destructive Planet X have been circulating since the 1980s, but that’s all it is: a collection of rumors. However, there is some truth to the origin of Planet X, and the term has actually been used by astronomers.

Planet X theory began with the discovery of Neptune by deducing that orbital perturbations of Uranus were the effect of an eighth planet. However, Neptune had similar orbital perturbations. It was thought that Pluto could was responsible when the former planet was discovered in 1930, but it was soon discovered that Pluto did not have enough mass to cause such a shift.

This meant that another unknown large planet or small star still existed out there. By some, this unknown planet was called Planet X. By others, it was called Nibiru, which is the name of a mythological planet created by the Sumerians 5,000 to 8,000 years ago.

In 1983, NASA discovered some sort of mysterious object 50 billion miles away through infrared technology. Someone made the connection that this object might be the long searched for Planet X. Soon after, someone or some group of unknown doomsayers began to say the object was a brown dwarf star approaching Earth again after several millennia at the outer end of its long orbit. This theory came despite all of the evidence published that said there is no proof or even hint that the object is getting closer to the sun.

In 1992, NASA made an announcement of some planet-like gravitational disturbance 7 billion miles away. The doomsayers sprang forth quickly and proposed it was none other than Planet X, and it had travelled 43 billion miles in only eight years. The original prediction of its arrival was 2003.

When Planet X arrives, it is supposedly going to cause planetwide natural disasters including a magnetic reversal of the north and south poles. Civilization would be destroyed, and the world would be reshaped. Many people who believed in this hogwash moved out of the cities to safer areas to wait for the collapse.

Of course, the collapse never came. No Planet X showed up, but a few years later it was revealed that the Mayan calendar is ending in 2012. This caused a totally different doomsday scenario, but Planet Xers again rose to the occasion. They said their calculations were off, and Planet X will be here in 2012, which is what the Mayans were predicting all this time.

The 2012 predictions of apocalypse were never so. The Mayans never made any such prediction. Likewise, there is no Planet X hurtling toward the Earth. It is all the invention of some twisted minds who wouldn’t know real science if snuck up on them and bit them in the behind.

Posted 4657 day ago

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