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Can you still see after being decapitated?

I think it is possible.

4649 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

the French chemist, ?Lavoisier?, was beheaded during the French Revolution. Before he was
beheaded he instructed one of his colleagues that he would try to give a pre-arranged signal,
a blinking of the eye-lids, after his head was removed if he could see the colleague, and
instructed the colleague to watch for this signal. That's probably as close as you will get to an answer.

Posted 4618 day ago

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Some scientists claim that it is possible to see after your head gets cut off. However, we have no actual proof because a severed head has never been able to tell us whether or not it can do so. We donít really have any way to determine if someone can see if their eyes and optical nerves all check out okay. Doctors rely on the feedback of patients and answers to their questions to determine what kind of sensory input they are receiving.

One of the biggest obstacles in studying severed human heads is a lack of severed human heads to study. We canít just go around cutting off heads and killing people just to perform some sick experiments.

Even if we did have a severed head, it dies very quickly. An experiment performed on rats in 1975 showed that brainwaves still existed in their severed heads for 10 to 13 seconds after they were cut off. For years, scientists were excited about this data, but a new experiment done in 1992 showed the type of brainwaves recorded did not indicate whether the heads were aware or even conscious.

Many scientists believe a few seconds of life still exist in a head after it is severed and before the blood drains out completely, but there is simply no way to prove it. The only evidence that exists is anecdotal, which is far from being scientific.

During the French Revolution, decapitations were very common. Royals and nobles were sent to the guillotine by the hundreds. Stories began to emerge of blinking eyes, changing facial expressions, and occasional lip movement occurring after decapitation. All of these reports are very interesting, but still prove nothing.

Many people who believe in sight after decapitation cite the story of a scientist decapitated during the French Revolution who agreed to blink as many times as possible after the event in the name of science. Unfortunately, this story cannot be proven.

Another test was conducted on a murderer who was executed in 1836. He agreed to wink after decapitation, but he never did. A more recent story from 1989 comes from the scene of a car accident. One manís friend was decapitated and he swore the head made eye contact with him, looked at his surroundings and then looked at him again. He said his facial expressions were recognizable as shock turning to confusion turning to grief.

This is one mystery that may take some time to solve, but as technology advances, we may get the answers.

Posted 4649 day ago

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Question Title Can you still see after being decapitated?
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