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can a fly stop a train?

ignoring the wind resistace and deflection caused from the movement of the train, can a fly which lands dead center of the windshield of the train stop the train. This question stems from the theory that any object, inoder to change direction 180 degrees, would at first need to, no matter for how minescule of a time, come to a complete standstill, this object would be the fly, and since well the fly cant phase through the windo of the train, thr train must also stop of the same minescule of a time, i know the answer to this, i just want to see if i can be given another non google explanation.

4591 day(s) ago

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Best Answer

This is a classic physics thought experiment, and what you've described is a common answer -- that is, technically the train must stop for some very small amount of time to allow the fly to change direction.
I think the train itself doesn't stop, but the small section of the train that the fly hits does stop and reverse direction temporarily. That's why you might hear a small "thud" when a bug hits a windshield, and if you looked at a slow motion video you'd see parts the windshield 'stopping' as the windshield bends at the point of impact.

Posted 4586 day ago

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