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Does staring at an eclipse make you go blind?

In science my teacher says that staring at an eclipse makes you blind. How do you watch an eclipse if you can't look at it?

5242 day(s) ago

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Best Answer

A solar eclipse is a special event that we like to be a part of, but staring at one directly can easily burn the retinas of your eyes. If done long enough, it can cause blindness. At the very least, staring at an eclipse will reduce the quality of your vision and cause complications later in life. For this reason, it is recommended to use a device that can help you watch the eclipse safely.

Eclipse glasses are special sunglasses made for watching an eclipse. These glasses are extremely dark and filter out most of the sunís harmful rays. With these glasses, you can watch an eclipse for several minutes at a time without having to worry about your eyes. If you donít have eclipse glasses, heavy-duty welding glasses can also be used.

If you canít get the glasses, you can project the image of the eclipse onto a large surface, like the side of a building, with a mirror. You will only want a small portion of the mirror to reflect the image. Create a large border on the mirror with dark tape, leaving only about one square inch in the center. To use the mirror, hold it straight at the sun and then slowly angle it toward the surface you want to project the image on.

Another way to watch an eclipse is to use a pinhole device. A pinhole viewer is easily constructed from a piece of cardboard. Simply poke a small hole in the cardboard and place a sheet of white paper on a table or on the ground. Hold the cardboard over the paper until the image can be seen on the paper.

Posted 5242 day ago

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