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Can farts be stored in a jar?

If I trapped a fart in a jar, could I save it and then release it on unsuspecting people later? That would be so cool.

4810 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

Good sir,
Your question has intrigued me, and I have given this topic much thought. May I suggest employing the following method...
Eat cabbage, beans and other stuff that makes you fart.
Fill the bathtub
Get nekit (my favorite part)
Capsize small jar so that it is evacuated of all air
Fart in bathtub (also one of my favorites)
Catch farts in upside-down capsised jar. A funnel could be used to direct the rising gas into the jar.
Farts will fill jar.
It would be necessary to cap the jar under water. I will now mail a fart to my ex. I'll keep you posted.

Posted 3737 day ago

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the best use of this, as far as navy pranks goes, gatorade bottle pass gas into it, no you wont get it all and you wont be able to see it but the smell will be there all the same, then when someone asks for a dip bottle, give them the gatorade bottle, first place it goes is right under then nose funny ensues

Posted 4179 day ago

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A fart is more appropriately called flatus and the act of farting is flatulence. Although it is theoretically possible to capture flatus in a jar, several complications arise when trying to do so. The first problem with capturing a fart is getting it in the container. Farts are not directed. That is, they tend to spread widely upon release. Aiming a fart only doesn’t work with any degree of accuracy. To catch the fart in the first place requires some sort of contraption. Some people have attempted to catch farts underwater by capturing the bubbles, but this presents a new set of problems. You never know exactly where the bubbles will rise and most containers are not large enough to cover a sufficient area.

The next problem with capturing flatus is due to the fact that they are not released with very much force. Any standard jar or container is already filled with air, so even if the container is positioned in just the right spot, the fart does not come out forcefully enough to get past the air already in the jar. Usually, the fart will just spread out to the sides, avoiding the jar altogether. To solve this problem, you would have to create a vacuum inside the jar. Without air, there will be space for the fart. Alternatively, you can have a small hole in the end of the jar so the air has somewhere to go as the jar fills with flatus. The hole would then have to be plugged.

So, yes, if you had a tube leading from your anus going into a jar in which a vacuum has been created, you can capture and store a fart. If the container is 100 percent airtight, it will keep indefinitely. Most jars, however, leak, so even if you captured flatus, it would slowly leak out after several years.

Posted 4810 day ago

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