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What would happen to Earth if the moon was destroyed?

I heard some radio guy say that we should destroy the moon because it causes so many problems. What would really happen if we destroyed the moon?

4785 day(s) ago

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Scientists have often pondered the effect of the moon on the evolution of life on Earth and what the effects would be should the moon be destroyed. Most scientists are in consensus that the destruction of the moon would be pretty bad news for us and most other life. The first aspect of the destruction of the moon by any “normal” means, such as collisions by giant asteroids or hundreds of thousands of nuclear bombs is the debris. The debris caused by any destruction such as this would be captured into the Earth’s atmosphere, blocking out the sun for decades and coating the world in moon dust. This would quickly lead to the death of all plant life and subsequently all animal life as well.

Even if the moon were to simply vanish or be vaporized without a trace, it would not bode well for life on Earth. No one is exactly sure what would happen, but we know weather would be adversely affected. This is due to the spin of the Earth on its axis. First, the Earth would spin faster because the gravity of the moon causes some drag on the spin, slowing it down. Scientists also believe that the angle of the Earth’s axis would change. This tilt of the Earth is what causes the seasons. If it were to change, the Earth will get hotter or colder, possibly affecting living conditions for millions of species.

Additionally, the moon is responsible for most of the tidal effects of the ocean. Current ocean life depends on the tides for feeding and availability of resources. A lot of our weather patterns also depend on the tides and ocean currents. So, while no one knows with certainty the exact effects, those who understand the delicate balance of life and the ecosystem agree that a sudden disappearance of the moon would mean disaster.

Posted 4785 day ago

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Question Title What would happen to Earth if the moon was destroyed?
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