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Why is sky blue?

Why is the sky blue?

5271 day(s) ago

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The white light we see is actually composed of a number of different wavelengths, which we see as color. If youve ever shined light through a prism, or seen a rainbow- which hopefully is everybody- you know what Im talking about. The light separates into the whole color spectrum, which is the whole range of colors we can see. When you look at a shiny new sports car, you see red because the molecules in the paint reflect that specific wavelength and absorb all the others. Your eye detects this wavelength, and you think about how cool it is that the traffic cops will notice this guys Ferrari speeding and not you.
When you look up at the sky on a clear day, you see blue because the molecules up there are scattering more blue light than red or green. Kind of like the red light gets to pass through, but the blue light gets stuck up there. The color you see will also change depending upon which kinds of molecules are in the way, like when you look up at an overcast sky and see the water vapor diffusing the light to make it look gray, or when you live in a city with a lot of pollutants being pumped into the air.
Sunsets are red because the light you see must go through a lot of atmosphere to get to your eye. The large amount of atmosphere filters out most of the other wavelengths before the light gets to you, leaving us with a reddish color. Molecules can affect this, also- if you look out at a sunset over the ocean on a clear day, the sky will look more orange, due to the salt molecules in the air scattering more orange light.

Posted 5271 day ago

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