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How to earn online

I have have a problem I need to earn money,I have a computer and internet so I want to earn online. What website Should I visit to earn money online?

4959 day(s) ago

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Best Answer

There are a couple ways to earn money working online. The bad news is, it's still *work* no matter what. It might be fun at first, but eventually it will become routine and maybe even tedious and boring. The good news is, it's still working online, which means no annoying co-workers or managers looking over your shoulder every five minutes.

The first thing to keep in mind is to do a little research on who you might be working for. Once you find an online opportunity to earn money, check up on the company or person and see if there are a lot of complaints on message boards, forums, etc. One or two complaints is not necessarily enough to disqualify a job opportunity -- there's always someone who's going to complain -- but if you find pages and pages of bad reviews, then stay away. If someone decides to rip you off online, you could have a really hard time ever getting paid for your hard work, so references are important. If possible you should try to talk to someone who's done the job before, and they can give you specific tips.

Okay, this is by no means a complete list of making money online, but these are a few ways that have worked for me or for people I know. Like a regular job, it really depends what you're good at -- stick with your strengths!

(1.) Earn money online for writing. There are a couple of popular websites where webmasters and publishers go to find writers. You can earn anywhere from $5 to $50 per article, depending on who you're writing for, how complicated the writing is, and (most important) how good you are. Look on webmaster forums and message boards for small jobs, or big sites like for bigger jobs.

(2.) Get paid online for computer programming. This, of course, requires you to have skills in web development or computer programming. Like writing, you can find these jobs on forums, message boards, or freelance work websites.

(3.) Make money as an online marketer. Again on the same types of websites, you might find opportunities to get paid for posting links, facebook likes, etc for various products or services. The downside of this is that it can feel a little creepy to some people, like you're always selling something online.

(4.) Take paid surveys. With a reputable, established company, this actually works. But the negative thing is it can take a long time and a lot of surveys to make any serious money, and your info can end up in the hands of junk mailers or spammers, so you might want to set up a separate email address just for these surveys. The good news is, it doesn't get any easier than filling out a survey with no wrong answers.

Those are just a few ways. There are others, but I think the above are the ones that are easiest to get into (depending on your skills) and like I said, they have worked for me or for people I know personally.

Good luck!

Posted 4959 day ago

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